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Here are some start-ups trying to tackle emissions from waste

MimicaDynamic labels indicate when food is spoiledFutureLearn
ChopValueTransforming recycled chopsticks into new productsCBSNews
OlioOlio connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.TechCrunch
Clean Crop TechnologiesTreats food with ionized gasses to eliminate fungi and increase shelf-life My Climate Journey podcast
Zirconia Inc.Zirconia creates ceramic coating for steal, concrete, to make it immortal.
ZumeReplacing single-use plastics with compostable, plant fiber-based products.https://twitter.com/zumeinc
UBQ MaterialsBiobased thermoplastic from unsorted household wastehttps://twitter.com/UBQ_Materials
Stora EnsoRenewable pacakaging https://twitter.com/storaenso
Nth CycleElectro-extraction to recover minerals and metals from mine tailings, e-waste, low-grade ore for production-grade feedstocksWatt It Takes podcast
Ranmarine / WastesharkDrones that remove plastics, oils, invasive plants and trash from water.Renaissance Capital
AMP RoboticsAI and machine vision software that analyzes recycling facilities to identify ways for them to be more efficient and effectiveCNBC
WastedPortapotties – to transform human waste into fertilizer
Sepura HomeUnder-sink garbage disposal replacement technology that turns food scraps into compostTechCrunch
TrueCircleAI rating quality and composition of plastics, intended to improve recycling operations’ efficiencyTechCrunch
Outlast EarthSells supplier materials exclusively to vetted buyersMy Climate Journey podcast
cirplusOnline marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste feedstock, catered towards companieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae51AwJNt0M
SeenonsHelps connect waste collectors and processors for ideal organization and efficiencySilicon Canals
Plastic BankOrganizes and incentivizes collection of ocean-bound plastic in developing world.CNBC
PlagaziProduces hydrogen from all types of non-recyclable waste through plasma gassification with CCS. The process is energy self-sufficient with no environmentally hazardous residual products.

Hydrogen Central
Epoch BioDesignEnzyme that breaks down plastic and converts it to industrial chemicalsMy Climate Journey podcast
Sideline SwapSideline Swap is an online platform for athletes to trade second-hand gear.https://twitter.com/SidelineSwap
SnactSnact makes delicious snacks from ugly unwanted fruit.Office Pantry
unspunCustom jeans manufacturer using 3D scan of customerMy Climate Journey podcast
GaeaStarClay-based alternative to single-use plastic containers
PreserveConsumer products made from recycled plastics.Unreasonable Group
Nu WardrobeNu Wardrobe built a platform to help individuals share clothes (and buy less).Panaprium
SEaBOn-site modular anaroebic digester turns organic waste to fertilizer + biogas, then turns biogas to electricity + heat with CHPhttps://twitter.com/SeabEnergy
The Waste TransformersTurns food waste into clean energy and natural fertilizer.Unreasonable Group
OneThirdCloud-based system and AI scanners reducing food waste by predicting shelf lifePRWeb
Goodr Co.Manages companies’ surplus food through redistribution, pop-up markets, and waste management My Climate Journey podcast
WATSAssists waste managing stakeholders to centralize information, connect them with delivery vendors, and provide waste reduction analysis
Dispatch GoodsProvides food-service companies reusable containers to serve their food inMy Climate Journey podcast
Shellworkscompostable packaging created from up-cycled wasteTechCrunch
Genecsis Bioindustries PHA bioplastic from organic wasteTechCrunch
KubikBuilding materials from plastic waste for African marketTechCrunch
HyfeUses Food Manufacturing Wastewater to extract sugars as feedstrock for biofermentation
WasteFuelProduces bio-methanol for shipping from a variety of waste sources including landfill gas and biogas using anaerobic digestion.LA Business Journal
Treasure8Dehydrates food waste to produce nutritous foodForbes