Jeff Seidman

Jeff Seidman teaches philosophy at Vassar College. Over the last several years, he’s become convinced that people will look back at us, a few decades from now, in the way that we look back at slaveholders, or at citizens in Germany who did nothing to fight Hitler’s rise to power. They will ask us: “How could you just go about your lives as the society you lived in poured fuel on the fire consuming our planet?” He considered changing careers, but decided that he could have most impact by finding ways to leverage his existing role to address climate change. One way that he found was to teach an Environmental Studies course on Climate Solutions and Climate Careers. This website is based on that course. You can contact him at jeseidman at vassar dot edu. He’d love feedback on the site and help making it better.

Cherrie Chang

Cherrie Chang ’24 is a junior from Hong Kong, double majoring in Cognitive Science and Computer Science with a correlate in Analytic Philosophy. She is passionate about exploring the mind through different artistic media, and is often hand-coding websites and building 3D games. In her free time, she enjoys good old-fashioned painting, running, rock climbing and experimental cooking.

Melisa Calderon

Melisa Calderon ’23 is a senior at Vassar College double majoring in Computer Science and Latin American and Latinx Studies. She focused on creating the Climate Startups database and implementing the front end of the website. However, on her free time she enjoys making jewelry and websites on topics she cares about.